What does it mean to be Pagan?

I have been on a quest to explore my own spirituality. I have my own beliefs but being surrounded by a sea of organized religions that don’t agree with my beliefs had led me to conclude that I stood alone. For years I stopped looking.

I have always been different from others…but at the same time I have been afraid of that label because it can be so frightening to be a part of a fringe group, or even to simply feel alone in the world. A number of my friends have been Wiccan so I decided to start my search there.

In a number of ways I agree with the precepts of Wicca. I do believe that everything is interconnected. I do believe that we need to care for the Earth and all her inhabitants. I do believe that we can help direct the energy that exists all around us. When I discovered that solitary practitioners are a valid option, I knew I was so close to home with this label.

I do not believe in multiple gods and goddesses. I believe in a Universal consciousness. I do not believe in reincarnation when defined as I have had past lives, rather I believe in recycled consciousness. I think our personal energy is released to rejoin the Universe and that pieces of who we are will then be used in the formation of something new. These are not strictly Wiccan beliefs. I will say that Wicca seems to be one of the most open, welcoming and accepting groups I have ever read about, and so I do feel that I would be welcome to call myself Wiccan. Wicca also has many traditions and while my personal beliefs may not fit a current label, there is room for me to create my own brand.

Believing in precise labels though, I do not know that I can call myself Wiccan if for no other reason than I do not fit the original beliefs of the Wiccan school(s) of thought.

It is stated that all Wiccans are Pagan but not all Pagans are Wiccan. The term Pagan is basically a catch all for non-Abrahamic religions. It encompasses, therefore, a great number of organized, and unorganized religions. I am definitely Pagan, but that label seems too broad.

And so the research continues…

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