Meditation is a suggested part of Paganism, yoga and a number of other spiritual practices. In fact, if you read enough you will see that one of the purposes of the asanas [yoga movements] is to prepare your body for meditation. It does this by creating space in your body, but also by helping to create a focus on the present…a mindfulness.

Meditation has been a difficult practice for me. The meditation itself is not a challenge, but justifying the time spent ‘doing nothing’ has been. I mean really, if you spend 15 minutes meditating a day, you will see the benefits, but how can I justify wasting 15 minutes like that?

The irony is that I generally have that argument with myself while watching TV. Now I personally am not a big TV person. So why do I watch? My children [young ladies really] do watch TV. There are many reasons; to fit in, to have a basis for connection with friends, as inspiration. They don’t generally watch train wreck TV, but the fact is that it’s on more than I would like. So the problem for me comes in because if I do not watch their shows, then I do not have that understanding, that basis for communication, that a shared experience brings.

I need to make the time and space for myself as well. I need to accept my need to meditate and do yoga daily. I need to treat myself with as much respect and interest as I do my daughters. They are my daughters and I love them deeply, however, I need to love myself just as deeply. This is a difficult lesson and I have had to learn and re-learn it hundreds of times already in my lifetime.

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