A Theme

In each of my pursuits I am encouraged to be mindful. I find many times each day when my mindfulness slips, as I’m sure we all do, but I have seen so much personal progress I continue to try.

Of late, I have noticed a theme as I go through my daily learnings. The theme in a nutshell is that at some point in the past, a decision was made about how things ‘should’ be done, and now we all believe it to be gospel.

I first became aware of this theme in my study of Wicca. Modern Wicca is based upon the writings of one man who wrote his thoughts on what it meant to be Wiccan and that has become the foundation of the modern belief system.

The next time I saw this theme, it related to women shaving their legs. Apparently that was started as a marketing campaign for a razor company. The same is true for diamond rings for engagement…a marketing campaign.

Yet again today I saw this theme relating to the chakras. While the concept itself is mellinia old, when it was translated to English, liberties were taken and it was far from literal. Mention of that was never made in my previous studies of the chakras.

At first this discovery was disconcerting. It showed me that the things I was learning were far from the time tested validated data I had believed them to be. Now that I am seeing this theme everywhere, it has reminded me of a fundamental belief I have always had. Question. If you do not agree, or feel right about information you are learning, feel free to do further research, learn more, question. Always question.

Nothing we know is set in stone. No matter how well known the information may be, how well circulated, or how well established, it is always possible that we are doing what we do simply because one person at one point in time decided to do it that way.

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