Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

– Buddha

Yesterday was the new moon. As I am learning in my Pagan studies, this is considered a time of renewal and the start of new things. As the light of the moon increases, we welcome new things into our lives.

During my meditations and devotions I set my intention. My intention was to be open to the messages and lessons that are sent my way this month. I tend to be very practical and logical, so I am not always aware of, or open to, what the Universe has to say. Then I want to sleep.

I woke early…before my alarm. As I lay there wondering what woke me, a very clear thought formed in my head. The thought was, ‘Appreciate what has been, but remember that it is the past. In order to find those feelings now, look to the now.’

I knew that this message was about a specific friendship that used to be more. I want that feeling of closeness that used to exist. I can remember, very poignantly, how it felt. That feeling is gone and has been replaced with distance. I have been clinging to that past in the hopes of reviving it but I am alone in that desire.

This morning I was compelled to look up the quote for the day and Buddha reinforced the message.

I want to feel that unconditional love and acceptance. I want to be appreciated and cherished. Rather than dwell in the past where I felt that, or dream of a future where I will feel that again, I need to live in today and look for those feelings here. When I find them, I can nourish them and help them to grow. Maybe it starts with me…

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