Indigo Meditation

Last night I meditated. As I was sitting quietly and focused on my breathing, I noticed that I felt surrounded by a deep blue light. The light would quiet and then intensify, quiet and then intensify [and no, it wasn’t outside my window or from electronics!]. As I researched the chakra associated with blue, at first I thought that this was somehow connected with my throat chakra. Now, after more research I have decided that it was the deep indigo of the sixth chakra, the third eye, or Ajna.

The third eye chakra is said to representĀ intuition and insight, and to inspire mental clarity and purpose. Being awash in indigo though…what does it mean?

I tend to be in my head a great deal. I am a thinker far more than a doer. I consider my options, contemplate my outcomes, imagine everything I could possibly worry about so that I can worry more effectively.

I choose to believe that this was a message from my intuition to my conscious self. A rather loud and intense message. It’s time for my intuition to have a chance. It’s time to listen more to my own instincts and trust them. My head is great, but it does not have all of the correct answers.

I’m not suggesting that will miraculously start listening to my inner voice and following my own instincts today, or even tomorrow. What I am suggesting is that I want to take some time to listen to the less ‘rational’ parts of myself and stop trying to think everything to death. It’s time to take a few leaps of faith and embrace my more instinctual knowledge. It’s time to trust and relax into life…and enjoy this journey.

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