When did “C” stop being average? When did we decide that everyone needs to ‘be the best’? How CAN everyone be the best? If everyone gets the highest grade, what does the highest grade mean? Why do we have to excel at everything? Is it even achievable? Everyone cannot be the best at everything.

I am good at quiet a few things, but I am not ‘the best’ at anything. I have not resigned myself to that. I embrace it. I revel in it. I like to be good at things, and I like not feeling as though I have to compete to be good even more! Not needing to be the best allows me to be comfortable slowing down and enjoying my journey. Ironically, slowing down also improves my work.

The real struggle I face is in maintaining this attitude in the face of our competitive society. Each day at the office feels like I am being pushed, pulled, and dragged into a persistent state of agitation. Everyone is constantly in crisis mode. Everything needs to have been done two days ago. While I need time to think and process, everyone around me seems intent on forcing it through to it’s end…without seeming care for quality or precision. It’s toxic.

I am amazed, given the stress and pressure that I feel at the office, that I often hear myself referred to as ‘calm’ and ‘exuding an air of peace.’ I like that others get that sense from me. I like that they feel I handle all of the crisis well. I just wish I felt that I had more ‘calm’ in my life.

Luckily it’s all work in progress and I do not have to be the best…just good.

One thought on “Expectations

  1. I definitely see your point of view. I would put it down to how people value there time. If you are the same in your life as you are at work, compared to someone who is always rushed, then you might have less life experiences compared to someone who moves through life quickly, the difference though is your quality of experience will be observed and more whole then theirs.
    Just a thought, I’m pretty cruisey 🐢 calm at work as well.


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