I work in an environment that does not, in my opinion, encourage thought. Yes, they want you on your ‘A game’ at all times. Yes, they want your educated opinion. What they do not seem to want is your considered opinion. Given quiet time to contemplate, or better yet being allowed to sleep on a problem does slow down the process. Is that bad?

We are told that our economy is growing at around 2% more or less. Some say that is wonderful news, others are appalled that we are not at 5% or more. We learned that the higher the percentage the less sustainable the growth, and yet we all want more. Speed over accuracy. Quantity over quality.

I am someone who believes that the tortoise really did win the race…it wasn’t a conspiracy. Slow, steady work leads to well thought out and considered results that repeat each and every time they are called upon. Everything should not, and really cannot, be a crisis. Slow down. Breath. Let your email sit a bit. Enjoy your meal. Listen to your co-worker. Enjoy what you are doing right now. Take the time to think.

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