how long will you stay silent
as your world view changes
and you see inequity all around?

i am learning to see through
the eyes of the next generation
how things i have always accepted
are a travesty.

filled with the fears perpetrated
upon me, i have remained silent,
accepting, and even inviting, the
perpetuation of the status quo.

opening my eyes is often
painful, but not as painful as watching
my daughter’s struggle with things
i was always taught to accept
with silence.

silence is just another form of agreement,
isn’t it?

i have a voice.

i need to use it to bring offence to the light.

yes…that is misogynistic…homophobic…prejudiced.

no…i don’t want to hear it. i do not accept it. I do not approve or condone.

your fear is your excuse but it does not excuse.

we are all one.

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