Three Things

Cruising the items on the folding tables, she didn’t know what she was looking through all this junk in the hope of finding. She wasn’t even sure why she was here.
It had all started with that hug…that ridiculous hug that had just gone too far. She hadn’t meant for it to go too far. She wasn’t much of a hugger. The whole concept of wrapping your arms around someone you barely knew, and trying to negotiate whose face would go where in order to keep them from touching while wrapping your arms around each other seemed ridiculous. Who really wanted to be that close? Apparently large portions of the population, that’s who. Generally she would be in and out, one pound on the back and move on, but this time, it went too far. This time, after she’d successfully moved her face out of danger, and had her arms around his body, instead of her accustomed pound, she had placed her hands flat on his back and moved her arms up and down! Why had she done that?!?
With that one move she had opened the door to disaster. Before she knew it he was touching her back as well, and she LIKED it! When did that happen? She didn’t like being touched. She didn’t like being physically close to other people. He did feel awfully good under her hands though. Under his clothes, his skin felt soft and firm at the same time. As he’d moved his arms she could feel the muscle bunch and move under her palms. It was captivating. She’s lost track of herself focused on how it all felt. The next thing she had known it was over. He had moved back and was smiling at her. She froze to the core when she realized that she actually smiled back. A squeak escaped her, and she had turned and run.
Now here she was at a yard sale two blocks away, looking at tables of other people’s junk trying to get those feelings out of her mind. The feel of him still tingled in her hands. Quickly she snatched a watch off the table. Broken. Of course. And yet the rough feel of the chipped crystal took her mind off her feelings and she though she heard…yes…a faint ticking. Only the face was broken, not the internal workings. She ended up paying a dollar for the cracked watch and taking it with her as she continued to walk away from the scene of her breakdown.
Lost in her own thoughts, she pulled out her tin of peppermints and put two in her mouth. “Can I have one?” a deep voice said from behind her. She slowly turned, offering the mints to him. He’d followed. Her heart skipped a beat. Instead of reaching for the tin, he reached for her. He slowly brought his mouth to hers giving her plenty of time to pull away or say no, but she was lost in his eyes and the moment passed.
Yes…it had all started with that hug that had gone too far.

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