Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


When I was younger, I would often tell the truth I thought that others wanted to hear. I would be gregarious, shy, kinky, logical, down to earth, practical. I was practically made to order. As I played each role, it was my truth.

With time, being a chameleon ate away at my spirit. I began to drift, uncertain of who I was, and what was true. The boundaries blurred and began to merge and they formed a picture I did not like.

Now, in this present, I honor my truth. I am aware that it may not be your truth, for we each have our own truths. This isn’t science after all, it’s the truth. My truth is that I am a thinker with a big heart, and deep emotions that, if you are lucky, I will share. Your truth is that I am far too cerebral and emotionally immature. Both are true. Truth is all about the story you choose to believe.

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