There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear.

Toni Morrison

I so want to agree with Toni. The problem is that I don’t.

I think there is time for despair, it’s okay to feel despair, just don’t live there. I think that a little self-pity is something we all deserve. After all, if you don’t pity yourself from time to time, who will. Allow that feeling. Just don’t live there. There may be no need for silence, but sometimes silence is the best way to be heard. There is always room for fear. Sometimes it has the nicest room in the place. It is lonely and clamors for attention night and day. It really just wants to be held, accepted, loved; like the rest of us.

I understand that Toni is being motivational. She wants us to hear that we each have a very worthy voice, which deserves to be heard, not silenced by fear or despair. I agree that we have to move with these feelings. I just don’t see us moving despite these things. Don’t dismiss your feelings. Embrace them. They are neither good, nor bad. They just are.

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